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Learn Global Marketing Strategy, Low Cost Website Translation & Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO), Understand International Payments & Taxation, Make Free International Phone Calls, Understand International Shipping, Find International Partners, Set Up a Virtual Franchising™ Business and Much More!

Who is this book for?

You should read this book if you're a small business owner, general manager, marketing manager, sales manager or anyone else who has ever thought about expanding their business to a broader global market but has been reluctant to do so because of an apprehension and uncertainty about how much effort it really takes to do business globally. 

In this book John Weisenberger takes a down-to-earth look at three fast and simple international business expansion techniques and their implementation roadmaps that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises can
use to tap into high growth global markets around the world.

This book can be used by:

Information Marketers
Diet/Nutrition eBook authors, Relationship/Dating Websites, Internet Marketing Gurus, Home Business/Small Business Startup Advisors...
Coaches/Seminar/Workshop Leaders
Sports/Athletic Coaches, Personal Development Coaches, Personal
Finance Managers, Business Development Coaches...
Trainers/Schools/Educational Providers 
Technical Product Trainers, Animal/Pet Trainers, Language/Math/History Tutors...

Real Estate Agents/Brokers
Attract overseas owners/investors to your listings

Travel Agents/Tour Guides
Promote your town/city/country to the growing middle class overseas

Small Hotel or Bed & Breakfast Owners
Become visable to overseas travel agents and event planners

Specialty Manufacturers and Retailers  
As the BRIC countries grow so does their appetite for industrial and
consumer products

Entrepreneurial ventures
Countless other types; what’s yours?

Regardless of your type of product - be it a tangible manufacturer product or a virtual information product such as a video/audio training course or downloadable software product - this book can show you the way to sell more of what you’re already producing to more people around the world. And who wouldn't want to do that?

What's this book about?

Never before in history have small businesses had the potential to reach new international customers as easily and inexpensively as they can today using online communication tools and e-commerce systems over the Internet. In this book John Weisenberger explains:

● How to make sure your Website will attract international customers

● How to use social networks and personal relationships to develop new distribution channels, new products and more

●  How to manage all the challenges of taking international payments online (i.e. credit card fraud, taxation, etc.)

●  How to leverage your businesses' Intellectual Property using Virtual Franchising licensing strategies that avoid all the legal and regulatory overhead that is often involved with setting up and doing business in other countries

● and much, much more

Christina Zila

Christina Zila, Communications Director,

Since the launch of the company in 2005, and have attracted more than 100,000 registered freelance authors who deliver their writing services to provide marketing copy, blog posts, press releases, magazine articles and other customized content through an expanding network of local language Websites and business subsidiaries that are used to segment the global marketplace into specific regions based on written language as well as by customer preferences for content related to local cultural, political, economic or other localization requirements. In this Interview John Weisenberger speaks with Mr. Philip Thune, CEO of and Ms. Christina Zila, Communications Director at, about the strategies and tactics used to drive Textbroker's incredible global growth in such a short period of time.

Mateo Chaskel, Assistant Vice President of Operations, Urban Green Energy Inc.

When Urban Green Energy Inc. (UGE) was first founded in 2008 the small New York based renewable energy solutions company had no initial plans to become a globally known wind energy superstar. Today, in less than five years since its initial launch, UGE is selling its wind-powered street lamps, electric vehicle charging stations and other distributed energy products in over 60 countries using a partnering network that today has over 400 participants. In this interview UGE Assistant Vice President of Operations, Mateo Chaskel, talks about UGE's rapid arrival on the international business scene and how they have achieved their phenomenal expansion into so many geographies and countries so fast.

Mateo Chaskel

Stephen Charko, Director of Marketing and Business Operations, AlumCAS

AlumCAS is a small start-up water purification chemical company located in Hamilton Ontario, Canada. Using LinkedIn and good SEO practices as the major marketing tools, AlumCAS, has secured pilot tests and further alpha tests of their product in Portugal, UK, Australia, Malaysian, South Africa, China, and India.

Stephen Charko

Jennifer Schaus, Founder, Jennifer Schaus and Associates

Schaus and Associates, Inc. is a Washington DC based consulting firm that serves small, mid-size, and large companies here in the United States as well as world-wide including companies and government embassies from Italy, China, Belgium, France, South Korea, and many others too numerous to list.

Jennifer Schaus

What is global marketing Stephen?
What is global marketing Mateo?
What is global marketing Christina?

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What is Global Marketing for Small Business? ** Copyright 2014 by John Weisenberger Worldwide - a division of Arcadium Group LLC
"A compelling book for anyone interested in selling into international markets. John covers the many facets of being successful in a global marketplace; the business components you have thought of - and the ones you have not. An absolute prerequisite for expanding business internationally."

- Jennifer Schaus
Founder, Jennifer Schaus & Associates

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